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Created by Multi Award Winning Fitness Trainer David Souter...available for the first time are his super effective and unique 10 minute fat burning workouts

David has designed and starred in the No.1 selling Fitness DVDs of 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 and personal tainer to Charlotte Crosby & Scarlett Moffatt - NOW he reveals his secret workouts and nutrition techniques - 'Calorie Blast' & 'Calorie Chaos' to help burn that stubborn fat even faster!

"I have designed these 10 minute ultra effective workouts from over 25 years in the fitness industry working all across the world and have incorporated workouts and techniques used by Elite Special Force Units from around the world - SAS, SBS, Delta Force, Navy Seals, French Foreign Legion, Spentsnaz and Mossad.  These super human athletes need to be fit to survive - while on special ops they have no equipment, limited space and poor nutritional options - yet still need to maintain peak physical performance!  Can you manage 10 days of my 10 minute workouts - 10 minutes sounds easy - and everyone has a spare 10 minutes! These are the programs that got me from fit to super fit and the 6 pack I always wanted" - David Souter

50% LOSE OVER 5.5lbs - 65% LOSE OVER 7.5lbs - 80% LOSE 10-17lbs


David is an multi award winning fitness trainer from the UK and is Charlotte (MTV) Crosby's Personal Trainer and co-presenter on her 2015 Platinum Selling No.1 Fitness DVD where she lost 2.5st - Charlottes 3 Minute Belly Blitz The Platium Record Breaking Fastest Selling Fitness DVD ever ! ! ! David has trained celebrities from MTVs Geordie Shore, GoogleBox, TOWIE, Emmerdale and is also a health and fitness columnist.

“Training with David is amazing! He makes every session fun & different…making getting fit & losing weight fun! David is the only person I have ever actually seen results with & he has been great at giving me advice on my diet!” - Charlotte Crosby - Geordie Shore, 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD, Celebrity Big Brother Winner, Celebrity Juice, The Charlotte Crosby Experience, Ex on the Beach

David is also in the new 2016 celebrity DVD - Charlottes 3 Minute Bum Blitz and was also the Exercise Choreographer & Fat Loss expert from the No1 Selling Fitness DVD of 2014
Vicky Pattisons' 7 Day Slim - Celebrity Get me Out of Here winner, Slimmer of the Year 2015 and start of MTVs Judge Geordie




If you have a spare 10 minutes twice a day then IN10SITY is the workout program you have been waiting for! Amazing results with everyone who has followed the program - all for the cost of 1 or 2 personal training sessions! Workout 10 minutes twice a day with David anywhere, anytime and follow the nutrition plan and watch the weight & fat drop off!

Join me on one of my 10, 15 or 21 Day Programs and I will guide you on your journey to achieve accelerated fat loss & fitness and of course the body you've always wanted. My programs are guaranteed to get that lean, hotter and fitter body that you deserve. By the time we’re finished, you'll be fitter and healthier than ever before, looking amazing and getting compliments left, right and centre – and no one will believe it took only 10 days!

I will motivate, encourage, and push you everyday to meet your fitness goals with my daily online workouts.  If you're new to working out there are beginners workouts you can use before you join in with the daily workouts – plus options for all levels throughout every workout. If you're more experienced great - you'll benefit from performing the exercises that you're already familiar with, but faster, bigger and also new ways that you didn't know existed!

This is not just a workout program, I am also going to share some very important aspects of nutrition and lifestyle choices – these are the keys to achieving that body you have always wanted.


The truth is that if you don't change and improve your nutrition and lifestyle  then you'll never meet your goals. This is where my program takes it to the next level where other programs fall short – and also how it works so quick, but keeps working long after you finish – I want to change your lifestyle for the better forever!  If I were to just give you a workout routine to do you wouldn't succeed...exercise alone will not solve your problems. What you need are all the tools and principles to success which is what this program offers. The workouts will enhance the program.

In this course, I'll show you how to get the body you want by burning more fat - in less time - with less effort than you ever thought possible. You wil not only learn the most efficient fat-burning exercises, but also key nutrition and lifestyle understanding for taking your fitness and health to the next level.


I'm going to show you how to take control of your life again and give you the body that you've always wanted. The way you exercise along with your nutritional and lifestyle choices are all important if you want to see real results. And I am going to meticulously show you every last detail of how to execute my program that is guaranteed to accelerate fat loss and build lean muscle in just 10-21 days.

Plus as an added incentive, everyone who completes IN10SITY will have access to my top secret 'Lifestyle Plan' featuring 75 new workouts, 100's new recipes and over 45 days worth of meal plans!

Looking forward to meeting you online in my 10 minute workouts - David

I have been training with David now since the beginning of the year and in this time he has helped me to lose 4 and a half stone which i lost over 5 months and am still loosing weight now. I have now been able to build my fitness up to a level and lose enough weight where I have now been offered a job in the army which at the begining of the year seemed impossible, the food plans have been amazing and the sessions are always great fun, thanks for all your support David and helping me reach my life goal - Aaron Leonard

IN10SITY has been created by David Souter, the 10 minute workout choreographer and fat loss expert behind MTV Star Vicky (Celebrity Get me Out of Here Winner, Slimmer of the year 2015, Ex on the Beach & Geordie Shore) Pattisons’ Fitness DVD - Vickys 7 Day Slim where she dropped 3 stone and went from size 16 to size 6! This was the top selling DVD of 2014, knocking Davina McCall off the top spot.

Award winning fitness training in the comfort of your home every day for only £3!

David has been in the fitness industry for over 21 years. He is a Body Weight Exercise Choreographer, Fast Fat Loss Expert, Core Stability Specialist and also an Award Winning Fitness Trainer.

Drop 10lbs In 10 Days With 10 Minute Workouts!

Have You....

  • Tried to lose weight and failed, or even lost weight only to put even more back on?
  • Joined a gym but weren’t sure what to do and didn’t see any real results?
  • Tried fad diets only to feel bloated, staving and lacking energy?
  • Crave sugary foods and fizzy drinks?
  • Find it hard to get to sleep and then to wake up?
  • Felt overwhelmed by all the new and conflicting diets/workouts hitting the media?

Do You...

  • Find yourself too busy to workout or get to the gym due to work/kids?
  • Feel there is not enough time to cook and prepare crazy healthy meals?
  • Want to be able to workout fast, anywhere anytime?
  • Want an easy to follow simple meal planner?
  • Want to see immediate results by day 4/5???

If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above Questions, Then This Is The Program For You!